What if missing a car payment would disable certain features in your car?  That’s one aspect outlined in FORD’s recent published patent application, US20230055958 titled “Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle.”

Missing one or several car payments could initiate a series of steps that progressively disable certain features of your vehicle.  Eventually, it may ultimately lead to the automated repossession of the vehicle.  For example, as a result of delinquent car payments, some initial features such as the radio, GPS, or automated window controls could be disabled.  This will likely lead to an initial level of discomfort for the owner.

If the delinquent payments are not resolved within a set period, additional features, such as the AC, remote key fob, or automated door unlock/lock system may be disabled.  It seems that the goal is to create a heightened level of discomfort for the owner.  Eventually, several primary features of the vehicle, such as the engine, brakes, accelerator, and steering wheel may be disabled, the vehicle may be placed in a lockout status preventing access to the interior, a tow truck may be dispatched, or in some cases, the vehicle may be autonomously guided to another location for repossession.