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At HLF, we offer several other patent services, including patent prosecution services such as responding to Office Actions and preparing Amendments, preparing legal opinions of infringement or non-infringement, assistance with non-disclosure and licensing agreements, etc.

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If the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has a concern with or reason to reject any portion of your patent application, an Office Action, or written communication regarding your patent application, is issued.

All Office Actions are different — some are mere requests for additional information or better drawings, and others represent a denial or rejection of your application. However, a response to any Office Action must follow specific guidelines and requirements, and must be filed before expiration of a given deadline. Failure to do so could result in abandonment of your invention and patent application.

If an Office Action was issued on your patent application, contact Hanrahan Law Firm, P.A. now. Since each Office Action is different, we will review the Office Action, help decide what options are available for you, and prepare any responses as necessary. Our initial review will be conducted at no charge, and we will promptly provide you with a flat rate for any response or other work relative to the Office Action and your patent application.

A legal opinion of infringement or non-infringement can help you make important business decisions as you begin to launch your new product or continue to market and sell an existing product. In particular, if you have a new product and want to know whether that product may infringe someone else’s patent, then obtaining a competent legal opinion could help you make critical business decisions.

Hanrahan Law Firm, P.A. will undertake a comprehensive analysis and review of your product as compared to a prior patent (including the prosecution history, prior art, and any litigation matters involving the patent) in order to render a competent legal opinion of infringement or non-infringement. Contact us now for your free consultation and flat fee quote.

Hanrahan Law Firm, P.A. provides patent enforcement services to ensure that your patent rights are protected. If you are in a position where you believe that someone is infringing upon your patent rights, contact Hanrahan Law Firm, P.A. today for your free consultation.

A non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) or confidentiality agreement is an agreement between the signing parties to maintain certain identified information as confidential or secret. It is oftentimes important to maintain the details of your invention confidential, especially as you are developing the product and working toward filing a patent application. Hanrahan Law Firm, P.A. can prepare an NDA or confidential agreement to suit your specific needs and circumstances. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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